How Glee Has Taken It's Toll on Me

1. Been watching season 2. And while waiting for the next episode being uploaded, I do rerun of the episodes from the first season.

2. Been surfing YouTube, watching interviews, behind the scenes, video clips, acceptance speeches and just about everything Glee-related.

3. Been googling for online written articles, Glee Wiki, spoilers, reviews, blogs and even gossips.

4. Been downloading all the covers, converting them into MP3 format and putting them in an MP3 player I bought yesterday (which cost me a fortune), just to ensure that I can listen to them wherever I go.

5. Downloaded Glee-related pictures, put them in one specific folder and turned them into my wallpapers, and the picture changes every 10 seconds. One wallpaper for different character.

6. Been following a few of the main actors and actresses on Twitter.

7. This is the first time in the history of my blog I post entries about Glee consecutively.

p/s: I'm a Glee addict. I seriously am. In dire need to see a doctor to fix this!

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Iliana said...

I'm a doc-gonna-be and me myself haven't find a cure to this. Safe to say i'm too much Glee-d as well. (-.-")

Aziz said...

Rest assured, for you're not alone =)