Fall in Love All Over Again

Before the Astro connection in our rented house got cut off, I had been an incurable Gleek.

Which simply means, a big, big, big fan of Glee. I remember watching its premiere on Star World (since Fox was not a part of Astro yet at that time, and I'm not too sure if Fox airs it for its Asian broadcast now), and I was hooked on straight away; right there and then. It was nothing like I had ever seen, and sure enough, it was an immediate success worldwide. The gleeful cast, the gleeful songs and the even more gleeful storyline, it was like little parts of puzzles that come together to make one perfect combination. Ever since, Glee has been nominated for and racked up multiple awards including Emmy and Golden Globe. The series's theme song, Don't Stop Believin', has been one of the most downloaded digital songs on iTune. 

And guess what? I am officially back as a Gleek!

Thanks to mid semester break that I'm having now, I've been watching Glee online for the past few days. If Astro thinks they can stop me from watching it, then screw them! It was a struggle at first, I admit, since most websites that I checked would only allow the viewing if I were in the United States, but obviously I didn't throw in the towel. I kept googling until I stumbled upon this cool website that wasn't prejudice to us Asians and I have been watching Glee season 2 online on the website ever since! 

And if anyone tells you that the second season sucks, slap them across the face for it doesn't!

If anything, it has been better than ever. I seriously haven't got an idea how far they have broadcasted the second season on TV, but currently I'm watching episode 10 "The Very Glee Christmas" which is awesome! Clearly there have been so many things I have been missing out on during my 'glee hiatus', but I guess I'm catching up real fast! Apart from watching it online, I have been listening to their latest numbers all day long on Youtube and there are plenty that I'm quite fond of, including Umbrella-Singin' in the Rain, Last Christmas, Baby It's Cold Outside, Forget You, Marry You, Just The Way You Are and of course, the one threatening to take down Glee's theme song as the most downloaded song in the series, Teenage Dream by the latest insertion in Glee, Darren Criss. And ladies out there, I feel obliged to warn you that he's gonna make you melt like ice!

But those covers are not the sole reason why I took the risk to be a Gleek again when I have been making little progress with my thesis. The second season promises heavier and much, much more engaging themes, and I can assure you that everyone will find something that they can relate to in their lives on the show. It addresses complexity in relationships, adolescence, self-acceptance, bullying, sexuality and the eternal chagrin of being splashed with a cup of Slushie. Hahaha. And remember Sue Sylvester? She is meaner, bolder and more evil than ever before and I must say she alone makes Glee worth watching. Irrefutably one of the X factors on the show. How I wish I could inherit her villainy and quick-witted tongue! And there's this episode when she pretends to be a Santa with a green face and does something really, really terrible to the Glee club. Okay, I'm not going to spoil anything further.

And I would like to congratulate Glee for winning Golden Globe last January including Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy (two years in a row now, mind you). But best of all, I'm so very happy for Jane Lynch (the one who is playing Sue Sylvester. You do realize that she's got a real name, don't you?) and Chris Colfer (the guy playing Kurt Hummel on the show. Yes, mate, that's his real name) for winning the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor respectively. And I love their acceptance speeches too! 

So yes, I'm pretty much in love with Glee, all over again ;)

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