Meet Scarlet, guys :)

I know it's just so not me to name things. But when I got hold of my new laptop that looked scorching hot yesterday, I could not help but be overwhelmed. Hehehe. Maybe because I had to wait for almost a week for it to come into my possession. You heard it right, folks. I waited that long just to get it in red color, because they only had it in black when I came for the first time. Those who have known me well would not be surprised though, simply because I would never settle for less or just make do when I knew I could get exactly what I came for. And based on the philosophical perspectives in education (just learned this absolutely three days ago in Professional Development (PD) class, ehem!) that's a flat-out characteristic of an Existentialist!

Yeah, I can be quite selfish.

But if I could wait for 5 years to finally purchase a new laptop, why couldn't I wait for another week to get what I precisely wanted? Initially, I wished for a green-colored DELL. No particular reason behind it, it's just one day I watched this one actor on TV with a DELL in that color and I instantly wanted one. But it was out of availability, so I asked for red. I wouldn't go for black.

But 5 years, folks. 5 years it took me to let go of my beloved old Acer.

And guess what? Despite the fact that it has fallen and cracked and been trampled on (okay the last one has got an exaggeration flair) so many times I've lost count, It is still functioning. Would you believe that? But the screen can no longer stand still. The holders have broken that I need to lean it against something for it to stand upright every time. It can no longer detect wireless connection, it snails like a snail it really puts my patience to great test and just way too old to serve his master as good as it could few years ago. And had it not been for the bloody sake of my thesis, I would not have forked out my money on a brand new laptop. After all, the old Acer has served me well and it has never complained (like it could, but let's just presume) a single thing. It's been docile and obedient and clingy, but it's time to be realistic and not get carried away. Plus, I'd love to take everything to the finish line and begone as quick as I can and I know old Acer is no longer up to the task.

So here comes Scarlet.

But be indignant at me not, old Acer. You have done an incredible job and have honored me through the Dean's lists and not. And for that, I am eternally grateful. I truly am. I pray for you to be triumphant in your future endeavor (even though I am not so certain about that, since I am considering to sell you off to some company so that they can rip you off and take you limbs apart). You will be dearly, dearly, dearly missed.

I bid you adieu.

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Azie Nazri said...

My Toshiba died after 3 years. ;(
And now I'm a proud owner of a Dell too. Simply because it's pink! Haha.

Say hi to Scarlet from Pinky(haha she doesnt actually has a name yet)

Aziz said...

Pinky sounds perfect, Azie ;) hehehe.