Illegal Blogging

Blogging live from Makmal Bestari, UiTM Section 17 Campus!

I'm having a CALL lecture at the moment, and my dear lecturer is busy going around approving journals he can't see me updating blog! I know this is most inappropriate, but in all fairness, he approved my journal first! So going by basic human right, I am entitled to play around first!

Anyway, CALL is one of my final semester subjects, and in case you haven't got a clue, it stands for Computer Assisted Language Learning. urgh! I hate computer-related subjects. I seriously do, folks. Plus, I have had bad experience when it comes to computer-related subjects. The last time I registered myself (not that I wanted to, mind you) in such a class was absolutely 4 years ago, and I got a freaking B for that subject: my only B for that semester. So naturally, the hatred has bloomed well ever since.

But my current lecturer is so cool and everyone loves him! So that's a consolation.

Okay, he's going to start the lecture in a couple of minutes. Get caught blogging in class does not sound cool at all, so I am going to stop now. Plus, I am a good student and very respectful one, you know.

What with that sneer? I'm telling you the truth! Oh, bugger off.

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fitriah said...

report kat sir! ;p

Aziz said...

Haha! I'll report you, too! :P
Be my compliance or we shall suffer together! :D