Hi, all.
I know I've been quite a bore lately. Or have I been that way all along?

For those who have been following my blog I suppose you have realized that prior to this no-direction entry, I had been posting a string of 'essays' penned by my kids during my final week of practicum. Some would speculate that turning those writings into blog posts was an utter absurdity and downright laughable. First, every trainee teacher might have been on the receiving end of something similar. Secondly, nobody would read them, anyway.

But for me, it's a way to immortalize the memories that I shared with my kids.

Time flies. And before you even know it, the years multiply and everything is well behind you. What offers us happiness today could be forgotten the next day when we stumble upon something new. Something of a better value, one might say. Most often than never, the reason for our happiness is replaced every waking second, and the cycle goes on.

Found and forgotten. Found and forgotten.

However, what we have constantly overlooked is the fact that, at one point in our life, there was something we treasured the most, for they meant the world to us. And it is my conviction that everything that was, and is the reason for your contentment is worth relishing.

Relishing for life.

In all honesty, I fear this. I fear that I might be forgetting the thing that was once so dear to my heart. Thus, I immortalize it in the form of writing, for I know that the time will come when I will be looking back and reminiscing the good old days. The day when I yearn to be reminded of what it was in the past.

When the day is upon me, I wish to be able to vividly remember everything. The goods and the bads alike. Like I said before, Perhaps, I will be looking back on these days and say "At one point in my life when I was 22 and you were 16 years old, our stars aligned, our paths crossed and we met each other".

As I am penning this entry, I am engulfed by a rare sense of tranquility. The sun has been absent for the first quarter of the day, leaving the vast, overcast sky slathering the world, all alone. Children are running downstairs, their laughter is swiftly ascending up in the breezy air and evaporating just as fast. Somewhere, birds are chirping merrily, singing a song I cannot fathom, but it's comforting regardless. People are strolling along the street, taking in and relishing this rarity. Such an impeccable day.

And here I am, thinking of you, kids. And I send you my love.

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