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By God, I was financially fucked up when Safwan wheeled me to the airport the other day to catch my flight back home after post practicum. But when the lady sitting behind the check-in counter confirmed that I didn't have to pay that ridiculous 30 ringgit check-in charge for God knows what reason, I knew straight away that I had to spend that money I had spared on something beneficial. After all, you're not supposed to keep your money folded in your wallet, are you?

So I gambled away and forked my penny out on this.

'Gamble'. Yup, that's the right word, no doubt. Reason being, I had never read any of Picoult's best-selling books prior to that day. Handle with Care, My Sister's Keeper etc. I had heard all of them, yet never had the kicking urge in my bladder to pick it out on the shelf. So naturally, I had no freaking idea whatsoever the way she pens. But I took my chance all the same.

And it was worth the risk, I freaking tell you. Ten times over.

I won't even bother to yank out the details of the novel, in case you might have extra cash and don't mind spending some. It's just I feel obliged to share any reading materials I deem worth-sharing with you folks, if you happen to be just as book whore as I have been. Better than being a whore on dark streets. Hahaha.

Okay, so that's particularly not funny.

I read the novel straight away once I was seated on the plane. It took me a good one week to reach the last page, simply because I didn't have the luxury to hold it all the time. So I would read it while I was on bed, waiting to doze off. Until one Sunday morning, when I literally couldn't put the freaking book down, so I finished it up until 4 in the morning, when I was expected to rise as early as 6am the very next day.

That's just how gripping the novel is.

Go. Buy. This. For. You. Won't. Regret. It. Believe. Me.

So I am officially a fan of Jodi Picoult now. I've been eyeing her other novels and it's just a matter of time before I rob a bank, gobble up a few sacks of cold hard cash and walk 'unconvictedly' into Kinokuniya.

Woah. Who typed that? Yet that's now a bad idea, after all.

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