Gone with the Wind


Let me make it clear once and for all: this is not an erotic novel.

Okay, in all fairness, the cover might be a little bit misleading, but heck, I'm sure you're doomed if you have never heard the novel - or the title, for that matter. You might have heard or stumbled upon the damn famous phrase somewhere - on the newspaper your dad was reading, on the net while you were surfing something 'decent' (let's hope so) or maybe as an utterance by your chums when you were asking the whereabouts of something or someone and they replied, absentmindedly, "gone with the wind..."

Well, in case you have never known, that phrase isn't, by any freaking chance, an idiom or anything of that sort. It's actually the title of a very renowned novel penned by Margaret Mitchell, which was later used as the base of a phenomenal film by the same title.

And the reason I'm ranting about this novel is evidently because, I am reading it at the moment. I purchased it at the airport last time, together with House Rules. For those who have been with me long enough, they would tell you just how much I loathe curiosity. Well, the say curiosity killed the cat, but in my case, you would be the poor cat if you made me curious over something. So quite naturally, I've been curious about why the novel has been tremendously hailed and celebrated.

But of course, there is one way, and one way only to suss it out: by reading it.

I'll fill you folks in on it once I'm done reading. The other reason I'm ranting about the novel is that, never were there any novels that forced me to do some extra reading on historical occurrence on the net prior flipping the first page open. Plus, at the rate I'm going, I am totally clueless as when I am gonna finish it. Why, it's the thickest novel I've ever seen in my entire whole life.

So where did I put my reading glasses just now?

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Azie Nazri said...

This is my mom's most favourite novel ever! I remembered her borrowing it at the library when I was much younger. Than as I grew older, I remember she looked for it at Popular.
Sad to say, she hid these novels from me at that time. (Like you said, with the misleading cover and all hehe). But I'm trying to secretly look for it now. Curious why she loves it so much.
I bet you'll enjoy it too!

Aziz said...

Well, I am surprised not if your mum loves this one particular novel, because the preface written by Pat Conroy (as you can see on the cover) is also about his mum who was very much hooked with the novel it moved me to tears reading!

Imagine: weeping while reading a preface? I couldn't get more nuts and freaking sensitive :P

Hope I will love it as much as your mum does =)