Sir Aziz, My English Teacher #13

Assalamualaikum, Sir.

The first thing that I wanna said to you is, PLEASE NEVER FORGET 4 KA2! YOUR LOVELY KIDS! (I think! hehe)

Actually, I'm not very well to speak or write in English. But I will! Just like you! ONE DAY! =)

Sir, I hope you always success in your life! Please forgive me it I have done something that make you sad! And ya! I pray for you that you will find someone special that make you always happy! Amin~

ERRR... don't know what to say, haha.. actually I have many words to write it down, but I don't know how! my brain is burn! heheh :P

Lastly, may God always blessing you! And we all will always miss you!

-Take care, Sir!
-Good Luck!
-Forget me not :(
-u are the BEEESSTTT teacher in the WORLD!

You are very kind! I love you (as my teacher).

Note: This is anonymously written by a student of mine. It is unexpurgated both content and language-wise.

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