Newfound Love

Who would have thought that I'd be cheering for a football club?

But I've always loved blue and it's plain to see why I've resorted to root for this one club! Initially, the desire was more for them to clinch the EPL title, for I detest the other club who was on the tight race towards the championship (you do know what I am referring to, don't you? I can say it out loud for more people would get hurt. hoho).

By slowly, I am kind of hooked on it :)
So now, officially I am a football fan! Whoopdedoo!

It's good to know that now I am into another sports apart from tennis :)

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Adam Arshad said...

Blue is the new red baby!!!

Aziz said...

Whoopdedoo! :D

ana fauziana said...

cesssss!! of all football club, chelsea??? ok. we're officially an enemy!!

cekyam said...

It's okay Aziz. Leave Ana with the Devils. I'm with you. Eh Acad pun! :)