The Good Old Days


I used to be an orator. Long, long, long time ago.

This photo was snapped back in 2005, when I was representing my state for Pertandingan Pidato Piala Diraja, national level. I was 17.

I stumbled in the semi-finals.

Yet I got my sweetest revenge when I defeated the runner-up for this competition when we got on the stage yet again in 2006 for Pidato Minggu Penyusuan Ibu between IPTA/IPTS around Kuantan. Yup, I'm very good at telling mothers on why they should breastfeed their little baby! I can still vividly recall that I walloped one medical student who was representing UIA and the moment I was announced the last orator standing, he looked at me in total disbelief, probably muttering under his breath "WTF?! I'm medical student, for Jupiter's sake! I know this stuff better!"

Well, if he happens to read this, let me enlighten you on one thing you didn't know about us, TESL clans. We are just like chameleons! We can be absolutely everything every other day! :)

But I miss the good old days, really.

I started contending in serious competitions in 2004, the year I got accepted into SMAKK. At the tender age of 16, I was already thinking on the possible legacy that I could leave behind for the school as well as for the next juniors to look up to. Within my two-year stay there, I made it to at least state level in every competition that I entered.

I received an accolade for the best achievement in co-curiculum in 2005.

Alas, my priority was somewhat deviated back in school.

I was so into all this stuff I was severely sidetracked from my main obligation towards my study. Normally, I would legally skip my class one week before the competition started and another one week during the event. Next thing I knew, I was already far behind in my academic performance.

I even recall this one time when I just got back from my state level competition for debate (which we in stunning fashion, cliched the heavy silverware, and I was honoured as the best orator for Sabah in 2005) and upon landing at KKIA, I rushed back to my school, packed a few fresh clothes and off to another state level competition!

Yup, I was that crazy.

And I know a little too well the price I've got to pay for all these fame and glories.

So when I was offered by a law faculty to join their debate team several years ago, I didn't think twice - I modestly turned it down right away. It's time for me to focus on my academic matter. I don't want to get sidetracked yet again.

So today, all you can see I'm doing is briskly walking to the faculty, putting on my glasses, sitting quietly in the far corner of the lecture room and poking my nose on the dull books, which I don't mind really. For the past years, I've been doing good and I could not possibly ask for more.

But for those who sneer and tell me I should get a life and what not, I can assure you that I could have achieved more than what you ever will, had I let myself distracted with all this side-dish. I know what it takes to do just about that, and I can't be bothered. Hopefully, at the end of the day, I would be able to look back and say -

"Well, at least I have tasted both sides of the cake, have you?"

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Adam Arshad said...

pakai songkok!
well I nver knw you were an orator aziz. and that adds to another reason to get intimidated by you.

Aziz said...

Sekolah agama, kot! Nak pakai tudung labuh pengetua tak kasi! LOL =)

Adam Arshad said...

i bet kalo pakai tudung labuh, your opponents nnti menanges x berhenti2 la sebab kalah.

Aziz said...

Kan? also the judges could have been fooled by my 'tertutupness'. Hahaha
What to do?
An innocent is an innocent does =)

safwan said...

innocent or sun?

hmmmmm orator2 zaman sekarang....

Aziz said...

Sun as in matahari ke?
Oh, thanks. That's an honour =)
I won't stop shining on everyone =)

Azie Nazri said...

Woww, very very well said Aziz! Totally agree with you there. Tak kisahlah kita nerd and keje pegi kelas and terus balik rumah at least we know what we want to achieve kan? :)

p/s: I was an orator too heee. :P Not as good as you were though.

Aziz said...

So very true, Azie!
We have been so used with people's accusing words, kan? We know that at the end of the day, there is something that matters most - and that is our scroll =)
I'm happy there are other people out there who can totally relate to what I am experiencing =)