Broga 'New Zealand' Hills

Whenever you ask people to define true friendship, they would normally resort to this one old rotten annoying cliche' and that is "a friend in need is a friend indeed" or "a shoulder to cry on" and yadayadayada. Whatever. Let one vicious dog on the loose and they will be the first to run off. You know how exactly to evaluate your real friends?

Go up to Broga Hills at 4am in a rainy morning with lightnings spearing down from all directions. If all of you come out alive, that's friendship. Period.

So that's exactly what my friends and I did last Monday. We planned this long time ago, the night we did surprise visit to Putrajaya and one bloke shouted at Sakinah for singing sad song while he was on a date there. Since we had completed around 90% of our on-going assignments for this semester, we decided to let loose a bit and around 1am Monday morning, we (Sakinah, Mimie, Hidayati and I) drove off to Semenyih.

Why drove all the way to Semenyih at 1 o'clock in the morning, you ask? And climbed up an effing hill at 4am, you might add? Well, in case you have been this ignorant, Broga Hills is one good place to catch a majestic view of sunrise. I hope that clears the confusion once and for all.

We reached Semenyih around 2:30 in the morning, much earlier than expected. All thanks to Sakinah's jaw-dropping driving skills; she made driving seem so effortless and it was manual car, mind you. We could have been late had we let Mimie continue driving, for she kept missing all the junctions and we had to make U-turn after another and all Sakinah doing at the back at that time was laughing and singing on top of her lungs. So to silence her, we put her on the driver seat. It was much better after that, for she knew the routes all along!

We met Sakinah's friend, who was also our reluctant tour guide for the demented expedition. He told us that there were no stars on sight that morning and that indicated one huge possibility that it could be raining and if it was so, we would have to call it off. But we were so reluctant we kept saying that we would climb up the hill come what may. A bunch of inexperienced, yet determined TESL freaks with even freakier determination. Put your hands together for that.

But Semenyih is a weird place, after all. When we were on our way to Broga Hills, it was drizzle for the first quarter, desert dry for the next quarter, and the remaining quarter was heavy-rain ; simply out of nowhere. We did a sort of convoy, the four of us in one car and Sakinah's friend and another friend of his, Hafiz (Okay, behave, ladies!) in one car. We were kind of happy because we were finally on our way to Broga Hills! We couldn't conceal our happiness much longer. The volume of the radio was turned louder, we were singing even more enthusiastic than normal, joining in the chorus of all the 8os songs! We were all imagining the gallant view from Broga Hills. Hidayati said the expedition would be more like crossing one huge field, she even compared that to the geographical condition of our beloved UiTM, saying that UiTM was more steep than Broga Hills. Sakinah said the place would be like this farm in New Zealand, where all we would see would be the green grass swaying, blown to either side by the easterly wind.

New Zealand my arse.

All we could see when we finally arrived was a line of gigantic palm trees on either side, no colour, just pitch black. It was so dark we even had this thought of turning the car and bidding adieu to Broga Hills, when we not even said Hello yet. But it was so dark and it was raining at that time. In the middle of nowhere, at 4 o'clock in the morning. I was half-expecting that one or two hungry tigers were eyeing us, waiting for the right time to devour us. Good job, everyone.

Alas! We braced our heart and went ahead. I bet everyone would agree that we attained the courage to continue the silly expedition because of the two guides, Azli and Hafiz. Hafiz, particularly, was so cool (and darn good-looking, too) and I had to remind all the ladies every now and again to behave accordingly in the middle of the thick jungle (Ehem!). They momentarily forgot the misfortune that we had just landed ourselves in upon setting their eyes on him.

Oh, boy, nothing was New Zealand about Broga Hills. It was hilly, folks! Bloody effing hilly, I tell you. (I should have known! Oh, silly me!). We prayed to God for a sprinkle of blessing above our heads and we went ahead. Hafiz told us that it would normally take around 1 to 1 and a half hour to reach the peak. It was drizzling. Thunders and lightnings spearing down from all directions. I was wearing Cardi for heaven's sake and my beloved tennis shoes!

Barely half-way, Sakinah and Mimie panted, muttering regrets and exhaustion under their breaths. Hidayati was beaming with joy and happiness, despite her head-torchlight stopped functioning and her hand torchlight was as good as dead. Again, Hafiz came to the rescue with his huge-as-moon torchlight. I was trying hard to keep my head cool. I strained the urge to strangle Sakinah for her New Zealand postulation, and half-determined to push Hidayati down the hill for her UiTM-is-more-steep-than-Broga Hills hypothesis.

After an hour or so, we made it to the peak.

Goodness gracious! What a beautiful view it was! Though the sun was still nowhere to be seen at that time, we could see the majestic view of the city at 5 o'clock in the morning. It was so beautiful, folks. All the sighs and regrets forgotten, it was worth it. It was worth every wolf and tiger that we defeated single-handedly (exaggeration alert) on the way up to the top. And we could see clouds too! From the top, we could see clouds moving slowly. We were so excited. Mimie, Hidayati and I called it mist. Sakinah said she felt like she was in 'Kayangan' or something and we started to sing "My Heart Will Go On".

But Hafiz did not share this imbecilic joy.

He said, they were clouds that were carrying rain and they were moving very swiftly up the hill where were we singing, and could be bringing lightnings with it, too!

He gave us options, whether to continue the journey up to another peak or just call it a day, where we in unison agreed to roll down the hill as soon as possible. By the time we started to climb down the hill, the clouds carrying lightnings already reached at our location and blinded us. The city view was completely gone, let alone the much anticipated sunrise. I was half-expecting we would be discovered the next day by sniffing dogs as corpses. I regretted I didn't call my parents that night. Okay, isn't a nice thing to say. I know. But you can't stop these thoughts from penetrating your mind if you were in our shoes.

Praise God, we arrived where we started all safe and sound.

We got back here in Shah Alam around 10 o'clock in the morning. It was definitely one of the most memorable (not to mention the silliest) things I have ever done in my life so far. But as crazy and worn out as we were that day, we had so much fun, did we not, ladies? :) The ladies got their eye-candy, too! :)

But that's just us, readers. Most of our chums don't have the level of insanity required to keep us with our demoralizing lifestyle. I think that is what binds us together as friends. We don't actually like planning things. We don't like proper planning. Just throw yourself in the car, drive off and see where life will bring you!

So what if it is another Broga Hills? Bring it on :)

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qieynah said...

the ladies got eye candy.....yuuuhuuu..(okay behave)..
it was fantastic...both broga hill and to know hafiz...keh keh keh...

Aziz said...

I don't mind going up there again :P

qieynah said...

they plan to go with us someday before sla....

Aziz said...

Seriously? Have you informed them the real condition of Broga Hills? =)