One Night is All It Takes

To get one assignment done. Done with distinction! :)

But seriously, folks. Don't do this on constant basis. You never know what might come toppling down on top of your idle thick skull that night before the day of submission - nasty headache, green puke, cure-proof laziness, filthy lizards and cockroaches - you know, that sort of thing. This is a crazy, messed up world we are living in, after all. So be sure to take precaution if you wish to shine overnight.

To Yuslina,

Last night's event only proves that we have never really learned our lesson, have we? Or is it just something that has been running through our veins? Haha. It is either that, or all the goody little brain cells stroll out from their hiding places once we are in a 'swim or sink' predicament! Either way, it has always worked.

Thank God :)

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Michelle said...

we never learn...that's what it is! But we work better that way, don't u agree!

Yuslina said...

hi chelle! yeah agreed..we never learn! miss working with you, our couch discussion that would always go astray in the end. hehe..

aziz, no matter how much we try to deviate from our practice, it won't work. we work best at the 11th hour! hehe

Aziz said...

Cel: Haha. You should have seen Yus and I did our work yesterday. We basically juggled two assignments at a time. One time we discussed Asian Lit, and the next second we were in intense debate for Grammar. Haha!

Yus: Kan? Haish, bad habit! It's always like that. I mean, af first we will pretend like "Okay, we must get it done as soon as possible". Alas, our definition of 'Soon' somewhat violates the basic principle! Hahaha.