Huge Crush

I know, I know! I can't believe it myself! I'm finally in love again! Oh, it's not mutual, yet. It's just some teenage crush, you see. And I can't believe I just said teenage because it's been quite a while since I last considered myself one! This is the madness that love drives you into, right? Oh, this wonderful feeling! It's really been long, you know. I keep telling myself that I should not let this cloying feeling get in the way of my academic performance, but when it finally knocks you heart, tell me how can you resist embracing this wonderful, wonderful feeling? It's exactly like what David Guetta says, that when love takes over, you know you can't deny! ;)

And it's even harder when he's been so kind and exceptionally intelligent! Do I really need to introduce him here?! Oh, you lot! Always want more and more! Now I'm having two big podka red dots on either side of my cheeks! Okay, kidding aside! Let's get serious here. (Oh, yes! I'm most capable of being serious, you cynical lot!). I just started to get close to him early this semester. He's been around for so long, but it's just recently that we have got the chance to have proper acquaintance. At first, I tried to keep it professional between us, I mean academic affair, you know. Something of that sort. But as time goes on, I get to know him better every single day, and I now start to like him!

Oh, come on! I don't have to describe him any further, do I? Or else you lot can easily single him out! But, I can most definitely assure you that he is most kind and most importantly (I know you see this coming!), he is utterly romantic. Oh, yes. So goddamn romantic, I was temporarily having this thought that he could have been born during one of those earliest centuries! He can literally melt you with his warm, beautiful verses, and every time I read what he has written for me, I will fall in love with him all over again. How wonderful is that? Just beyond words can describe and your mind can ever stretch to imagine :) Crazy, isn't it?

I'm so head over heels with your verses, Mr Williams Shakespeare! :)

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Azie Nazri said...

hahahahaha started to have other ideas tadi. naib baik! :P

I knoww! I used to be so intimidated by shakespeare before because I havent really been the best classic english reader. But now that Ive got to know him better, I just think he's super sweeeeet.

Good luck with your crush! :D

Aziz said...

Hehehehe. That's the whole idea! To let people get the wrong idea,imaginations run wild and.... Ta-ra! Hahaha.

Exactly, Azie!
Now that we have been so used with his writing style, it's actually easy for us to decipher =)

Now I'm excited to finishing Richard the 3rd! :)