Forest Gump


My God. I've just got to be the lamest person on earth. Shame on me. Shame on me twice. Triple shame. Endless shame.

It has been there for the past 16 years and I have never realized it. I don't know. It seems like I can't write at the moment. My hands are still trembling, my heart is just too wrenched I literally can't feel it right now.

But Forest Gump has got to be one of the finest and most beautiful movies I have ever seen, if not the only. It's just too beautiful I think everyone should be made compulsory to watch it. The storyline is simple. The script is simple. The characters are simple. Everything is goddamn simple.

That's what the movie has succeeded to prove: that beauty lies in simplicity.

I'm running out of words, folks. My goodness. What a stunningly beautiful, beautiful movie. It is full of quotable lines and memorable scenes. I don't know if anyone else out there has been as unforgivingly ignorant as I have been, but if you have not seen it, go. Go find the DVD. Original and pirated alike. Download it. Legally and illegally alike. Or you can just do what I did: go watch it on Youtube.

Go. Now. Quick!

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FirDaOus FaDziL said...

i've watched the movie when i was juast a lil kid.. but i already forgot how the story is.. and i think yes! i should go and watch it now!!!!
run forest, run!
run aziz, run!!

Aziz said...

You watched it when you were a small kid? Then where was I at that time?! I should have seen it, too! hehe.

Run, Firdaus! Run! :)
Remember that scene when they were praying to God to make them birds so that they could fly away?

Just beautiful.