7 Ugly Wonders

Okay. Actually, I don't have anything to say. But I really feel like writing something. Crazy, isn't it? I mean, I am in my light blue pyjamas right now and I really don't have anything to do. Why don't I just throw myself on bed and doze off? Sounds like I am a little free bird but hell no. I just can't be bothered with those pending assignments. Screw them all!

Well, in reality I can't really screw them just like that because I'm dying to go for my practicum next semester. So, yeah. Here comes the loving, hardworking teacher. Puke, puke, gag, gag, vomit! Well, a teacher-to-be can always dream!

Okay, now let me tell you a secret! Actually, hurm, you know, this one secret thing! Really can't tell! But insist telling you people anyway. Okay, like I said this thing is kind of secret and confidential and all, so yeah, really have to keep it hush-hush. You got me right? Yup. It's very hush-hush stuff, you know. Something like national secret and all. So maybe now you start to get annoyed but hell yeah I'm getting there.

Actually, I want to tell you something that I have always kept to myself about me. Hahaha. Nothing, it's just something that might appear to be an oddity, or something I have never really admitted or expressed. So, yeah, thanks to boredom, here are the 7 things you have most probably never known about me.

1. I love attending Amanat Dekan because I genuinely love listening to the Dean talking. I mean, how many people out there can actually deliver a speech without having texts under their nose? 1st fact: I have been attending the Amanat Dekan for the past 6 semesters. Yup, you heard it right.

2. I know many of you know my eccentric obsession towards tennis, but did you know I also cheer for football matches? Yup. It's just I will normally be rooting for any team that fights against Manchester United. Any other team out there! Because the pleasure of looking both my brothers throwing tantrums after MU being walloped is simply priceless!

I normally get teary-eyed every time I sing UiTM Dihatiku and I am very proud to be entitled to sing Kami Guru Malaysia. I can already picture myself weeping during graduation day once they play UiTM Dihatiku. I just think the melody and the lyrics of song are too beautiful to be true and piercing right to the heart. Oh, need to buy myself a good handkerchief.

4. Every time I find it difficult to sleep, I will listen to Sharifah Aini's songs for lullaby. You are sneering? By all means, go ahead. But I am not ashamed to say that she has got a heavenly voice and her songs are beautifully composed. You be proud with Lady Gaga and Britney, and I will have her angelic voice to put me to sleep. Maybe because it reminds me of my mum's voice for she used to sing me to sleep when I was little kiddo, and needless to say, it would be all Sharifah Aini's hit songs, especially this one particular song "Kau Tinggi Di Awan Biru".

5. I can't swallow anything when I am nervous, but I am one hell of a big eater whenever I am stressed out or under pressure. And it's difficult for me to gain weight no matter how much I consume food. Maybe that's why I am still 50 kgs something when most of my male friends are over 60kgs and stuff. And did you know I am actually underweight? Gee, it sounds so humiliating! *Long sigh*

6. I don't share my drinks with others. Damnation! I know I have just made myself sound so rubbish and snobbish, but I just can't! I can't even explain to you why because I have not gotten the answer. So, yeah, water is a little personal to me. Hahaha. So often when those who don't know ask for my drinks, I will just give it to them and the moment they return it back to me, I won't drink that water anymore, even if it means I am on the verge of dehydration. Yes, it is that bad. You are a little cocky and weird, Aziz. Get a life.

7. I have my own superstitions. Oh, yes. You better be careful with me. Hahaha. For instance, whenever I enter the faculty, I will make sure I step into the faculty with my right foot first. For me, it symbolizes success and good luck. And also, back in school, I was a relatively active student in co-curricular activities. Every time I entered a competition, I would normally predict the outcome by my appetite before the competition. If I didn't have the desire to eat anything, (I would even shudder at the smell of food), I would normally come out victorious in those competitions. I remember one time I was eating very well during breakfast before this one particular competition, and surprise, surprise, I lost.

Well, actually there are more to the eccentric side of me, but maybe I will reveal some other time. For the time being, enjoy reading this self-humiliation entry, folks!

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qieynah said...

uitm di hatiku....rawks...

Aziz said...

remember that one time in bro bear's car we sang the song at the top of our lungs?

Abu Shah must have retired in peace had he known this! :)

handhalah ibnu kamil said...

you weird but great.

im impresed with your writing. :)

if im wrong please corect it. hehehe.

Aziz said...

You flatter me with those words! :)

You're saying it right, mate. :)