Yellow Fellow


Before you throw accusation straight to my flawless face, let me make it clear: I am not DiGi dealer. Nor that I'm switching to DiGi.

I am staying with DiGi.

Maybe many do not know that I had three mobile phones previously with three different numbers and operators.

Maxis. Celcom. DiGi.

Believe me, it wasn't fun. There was no joy and point in that. Not at all. Nothing.

Hence, upon realizing that I'd sinned towards my friends who had gone through so much trouble guessing which number I probably used for the day, and often they ended up being a good Samaritan, donating some pennies to the operator machine, I decided to repent. I meditated for quite a while, praying to God for Him to forgive my stupidity, confessing that I am still a virgin and for Him to bless me with some revelation. Reasoning which number should stay, and which shouldn't. And He answered me.

To put a little trust to yellow fellow.

So my dear friends, from this moment on, I am no longer available at my Maxis and Celcom numbers. You can get me at my DiGi number and I would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused. This might not be the smarter choice, but I offer my intuition a chance to prove itself.

But as how my dear buddy, Mimie once said, it does not matter what number you are using, but what important is for you to stay in touch with the persons you ought to be close with.

And I think she's right.

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