Little Wonder

Uncle and I went to Bangsar yesterday and decided to break fast at Pelita Restaurant. While waiting for the time to break fast, I took out "Never Let Me Go" and read it to kill time. A few moments later, two Chinese girls came carrying their food and sat next to us.

Naturally, I thought that they would be eating. Why not? I mean, they are allowed to eat, of course. And plus, in my entire life so far, I have seen a lot of people of different religions enjoying their meal at open eateries during fasting month. And they have every right to do so.

Come back to the incident yesterday, despite of my assumption earlier, these two Chinese girls did not eat straight away. They were just so immensed in discussion, and though I had been learning Mandarin, I could not make out what they were talking about. And I thought maybe it was a very heated conversation they had forgotten to eat at all.

However, when the time came for us to break fast, I saw these two Chinese girls looked around, and when they were well convinced that everybody had started eating, they began to eat, too.

I was stunned. Completely stunned. I mean, that was short, sweet and a moving event.

Yesterday's event shows that, sometimes, you don't need politicians to remind us how to live a harmonious life in a multiracial community.

All you need is to look around, and you might see little things that make you believe in hopes and every reason to cling to these very hopes, even the little ones.

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