Today was a beautiful day.

The sun was so bright. The sky was so vast and seemed endless.
I walked out from my house and headed to the bus stop, shouldering my bag packed with tennis balls and a racket.

At the bus stop, I saw a married couple was waiting for the bus, too. They bus came late, but I reached on time. The moment I stepped into the court, it was cloudy. Even the sky was too good to let a fasting guy like me play under a good cloudy sky.

Then I brokefast with my friend. I ate a plate of rice and three glasses of water. I was full. Then we bad farewell. I headed back home. An ordinary life I had today.

But somewhere in this world, I know the sky might be heavily overcast. There is hardly a sunny day. Children starve. in another part, children might have never heard of soccer, let alone tennis. All they know is bullet, blood and dying relatives. Children fight over a slice of bread. Parents lose their child. Children become an orphan in a blink of an eye. No goodbye said. And their life is not any ordinary.

I wish I could be more thankful.
Because people say we never know what we have got until it's gone.

Thank you, Allah.
Thank you for every little bless You have granted me.

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