Happy Hour

Life is full of little incongruences that make life beautiful. And today was one of the finest examples.

It started with unplanned phone calls. Sudden bumps-into. Hopped into two cars. And road trips to our own houses!

There were 12 of us. All of them were my old friends from kindergarten, primary and lower secondary school! most of them I had not seen for the past 5 years or so!

We had so much fun, reminiscing the good old days. Each and everyone of us is leading a different life now, going to different universities but today we were united again. Just like the old days when we shared smelly school uniform, bad teachers, unfinished homework and detentions.

Some things never change. They just stay.

p/s: To Mohd Sabri, Ayub, Sabrina, Malrupi, Zanzibar, Saturia, Suriyanti, Jihah, Zulisa, and Zila, thank you so much for the sweet memories today! Who says I need Paris or New York when I can have you guys?

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