Watching the news on the great famine in Somalia really makes me ponder whether I have thanked God enough for every single good thing He has ever blessed me with. 

For every day, I look around and envy those who have more, oftentimes oblivious to those who have less.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you, ya Allah. I thank You for the air that I breathe, for the food on my plate every single day, for the good health, for the borrowed knowledge and worldly materials, for the comfort of my house, for my loving family.

I thank You for the prosperous life that I lead.

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ridiculousme said...

aziz, i don't think otherwise...but, i can't find my name in the blog list...hehe ;)

Aziz said...

My bad! Sorry, Nadia!
Guess what? You can see your name on the list now! Hurray! :)

azilaabidin said...

another post that slaps me hard on the face. has been flooded with worldly materials and indulgence that I forgot the less fortunate ones.

thank you for this reminder, Aziz.