Dear Farhan,


I can't remember when exactly I met you for the first time.

But I do remember you were very cold towards me. Maybe because I was a new dude in the school. Okay, who am I kidding? I was a little cocky at first, I know. But you were not very nice, either! Hahaha. So I think it really took a while before we were eventually friends. 

But I suppose the turning point was when we were put in the same dorm back in form 5. I think we really got close. You were so many 'someones' to me back then -you were my friend. You were my classmate. You were my dormmate and best of all, you were my bunkmate! I have never thanked you for sleeping soundly and with limited movement up there, or else I would have not been able to sleep tight at night. So yeah, thank you for that :)

Time has really flown, hasn't it, mate?

We met each other when we were both 16, and today you're officially 23. Seven years, mate. It has been seven effing years since I first came to that school as a newbie with swollen eyes and red nose and the biggest sulk on my face. And how much we have grown up and left all those years behind.

But not the memories.

So on this auspicious day of yours, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday. I just want to let you know that I have been so really proud to be your friend, every second of the past seven years and I mean every word of it. And honesty, how many people have the privilege to say that about someone that have not met for years? Farhan that I knew was a bubbly, jolly lad who would crack a joke with a poker face. Hehehe. And I believe you still are. Honestly mate, who would have thought that we would remain friends up to this day? This is really a feat, you know.

You are now 23, but I swear to God I would refuse to receive any wedding invitation from you just yet! Hahaha. Enjoy your youth to the fullest, mate. Don't be afraid to go out and explore the world and see what it has to offer. You're a brilliant bloke. Never stop learning as a man and I pray that you will eventually meet someone whom you see yourself settling down with. Someone who will accept you warts and all. Never count the years, mate. Count the blessing God has given you.

Then you will always be thankful and content.

p/s: Don't ask me how I got that picture of yours. I have my ways :)

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