A Bunch of Seers is on the Loose!


Tomorrow is a big day!

If you have been friends with me on Facebook, you might have noticed that for the past week I have been posting quotations with the word 'SEE' capitalized as my statuses. Many have been wondering (and if you're my TESL buddy, of course you have not) the reasons that I have been inundating their Facebook with those SEE things.

Guess what? It's our seminar tomorrow!

Organizing a professional seminar is one of the prerequisite assessments for Professional Development subject that I am taking this semester. My final semester as a TESL student, insyaAllah. Group A (A-Team) and B (The Beavers) have conducted theirs, and this coming Saturday is our turn (Group C) to organize the seminar. 

I cannot tell much, but hopefully everyone will learn something from the seminar to help us develop as a professional once we have graduated (and why do I sound so formal? urgh!). I have been very happy with my  team. We have re-branded ourselves as "SEERS".

Don't know what it means? Go and get a dictionary! Haha!

We have been working together so hard and so closely to make sure we will pull this off. And hopefully we will, insyaAllah. Curious to know what SEE stands for? Come to our seminar! But my advise would be, come as an empty bottle. No expectation. No judgment. And hopefully we will all learn something new tomorrow.

Dear Seers, I have been very proud of us, with everything that we have done. We have come this far, so let us get it done once and for all tomorrow! 

P/S: I am a See®, are you? :)

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