Woman from Hell

"You're adopted, honey".

It was like the world came crushing down on me. Those words were loud enough to my ears, yet no utterances of four worlds had ever been so vague in my life. So hard for me to swallow, and even harder for my brain to decipher.

I felt angry. I felt betrayed. I felt sad. And with those four words, I could feel an attachment was snapped out somewhere in my body. I was immediately disconnected. The world which once was so familiar felt so strange and distant, as if I had never been here all along. "Am I am dreaming?".

Without me realizing, tears streamed down my face.

It was years after this revelation, when I finally let my guard down for one man I trusted and loved, God took him away from me. When I tried to put my past behind me and give life another go, believing that happiness would eventually come. And even for that little bit of happiness I yearned for, God thought I wasn't deserving enough.

But that was yesterday.

If hell is what is destined for me, I will live through it. People can throw my way those questioning, demeaning looks, but I will not budge an inch. I will keep this one secret safely with me, buried with me on the day I die. They can never ridicule me. They can never tear me apart. I swear I will keep this one secret seamlessly veiled, whatever it takes.

Even if it means stabbing someone right at the heart with a gleaming knife, and watching them spluttering blood, screeching in pain and slowly, excruciatingly dying.

My answer in response to the instruction "Rewrite the story from Juliana's point of view - use the first person point of view" for the short story '"Woman from Hell" by NF Abdul Manaf in Women in Literature class, February 22, 2011. 

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octiapus said...

so i've read woman from hell. how a single event could create such huge impact in one's life. n whats up with the fishes? why did she FEED them to death. its like killing using kindness.