Won't be tattling much for this particular entry.

Just want to wish everyone a very fruitful and eventful year ahead! Honestly, I'm kind of thrilled myself at the prospect of exploring this 2011 and see how it will unfold itself as time ticks on, seeing that I'll be taking on my final semester as a TESL student and jumping into the working world.

Working world? Now I feel like yawning.

Yet, sooner rather than later, I know I've got to suck it up, deal with it and in the very end, live with it. Plus, though being a student has been so much fun, I loathe the 'always broke' part. And as much as working has been wickedly dubbed as 'dismal and draining' phase in life, trusted people said I won't starve. I'll take it as a consolation any day.

So, as a man of his word, I will stop here. Happy new year, folks! ;)

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