My Hometown's Cinema

There are three horrid things that I can still sharply recall the last time I watched movie at my hometown's cinema. They can certainly be numbered as follows:

1. I was with my other three siblings; 2 little sisters and one not so little brother. We were there to catch Avatar on new year's eve, I suppose. Once we had bought a few cups of popcorn, we waited around the hall outside the cinema where everyone else was standing and fidgeting, clearly waiting for their movie to start too. Almost 10 minutes had passed, yet there was no light with number to indicate admission. We waited some more. I think it was after another 5 minutes that a lad popped out out of nowhere akin a silly leprechaun and signaled to us that our hall was now ready. Startled, I glanced around only to notice that there were no freaking numbers with freaking light that you usually see in decent cinemas to indicate admission. Yup, the cinema was still using manual hand-signal and a not-so-sincere smile to let you in.

2. Equally agitated and irked with the first fiasco, we marched into the cinema, all ready to put the lack of civilization incident behind us and move on. But as we moved further into the cinema, I could see that something was not quite right. Is it the screen? Is it too big or slightly smaller?, I asked myself. No, the screen is usual-looking. It's perfectly fine, I assured myself. Only when I was seated did I notice what went awfully wrong - the whole seating was flat on the floor, as if everyone was there to sit for a frigging exam! It wasn't arranged 45 degree steep like usual to allow better viewing experience. Needless to say, it was a horrid viewing experience.

3. The popcorn tasted awful and ridiculously pricey, compounded by the ladies selling tickets behind the counter who were looking everything but slutty it inflicted temporary mental disturbance to my poor siblings and I.

Yet, despite these middle-finger worthy of occurrences, you will be surprised to learn that I will most definitely be coming back to this damned cinema if -

by some godly miracle, they are showing this.

Don't you dare judge me for intending to return to the cursed cinema. If you were devout reader of Harry Potter, you would vigorously nod in agreement and display deep empathy. This is the most anticipated first part of the seventh book and there is no freaking way I will miss this one, even if I am currently trapped in this dead town of mine and boarders away from a more civilized cinema.

Yet I shall prevail! Long live me!

P/S: Dear the manager of the cinema, in the name of brotherhood (whatever this means), please rain down some compassion onto this tormented soul of mine by showing the movie in your glorious (ehem!) cinema. I know the popcorn you're selling there tastes slightly better than dog dung and your seating sucks big time, yet I am most ready to put it behind and be forgiving. Let us start anew and may you prosper in near future and for many years to come.

Everybody after me, Amen.

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Ibrahim Ismail said...

Which one are you ref. to? Hope not the $5 (after $2 slashed for student's matrics)fee cinema. It's my fav (for it costs, obviously). Anything cheap and watchable are OK with me. haha

Aziz said...

Same goes to me, Im. But the film that you pay 10 bucks and above, it'd better be good or I would run amok! Hehehehe.