Sir Aziz, My English Teacher #25

Sir Aziz, the first time I saw him he like a nerd boy. I really want to laught went I saw him and heard his voice. His voice sound like a little boy. He always talk in full English, even that I know what his saying but i really don't like it because I thought it very "bongkak". Even that, after a long time with him I started to like him because he very sporting and he always brings something to make his class more cheerful. Went he make a game he will give to the winner some goodies to us and I once have it and I really like it. The day that he scold us I were not really affraid or mad at him at all. I'm very happy to have a teacher like u and I hope all teachers like u.

Note: This is anonymously written by a student of mine. It is unexpurgated both content and language-wise.

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