School Update #3

I can't believe I've only written two school updates so far! Clearly I have been (or rather, pretended to be) busy with my new life as a teacher. I must say I've been blessed and I count my blessing every waking moment. While quite a number of my colleagues have expressed dejection, felt burnout as the teaching goes on (and the scary part is, it's barely 2 months!), dreaded each day at school and what not, I've never felt that way.

Yes, I do admit teaching is mentally and physically draining, but I do know that the ultimate satisfaction could come even in the slightest progress a student has made.

And that should make my day. That should give me another reason to wake up early in the morning, dress myself up and head to school. That should add fire to my belly to keep devising myriad lessons just to get my kids interested.That should give me another reason to not give in, even when the sky doesn't look so bright.

Okay, I do not intend to deliver sermon over here. Since updating a blog could be draggy, I've decided to adopt Azie-like teacher update, which seems to have saved her time!

Okay, so here it goes:

1. Been observed by supervisor twice, and once by mentor.
2. Have spoken during assembly with 800+ pairs of eyes upon me! I survived that!
3. Have been approached by a group of unknown students asking me to teach English in their class (more like extra class). What would their English teacher think? Invading the territory?
4. Have been a regular Willy Wonka just to get the students all pumped up!
5. Have got new table and it makes me more reluctant to go back to my student life!
6. Have been asked to be a 'pegawai perhubungan' whatever during a visit by Japanese students to the school (kindly refer to No.2) yet it will be on October, so I won't be around!
7. Have constantly been asked by my kids how much longer I will be in the school. Haven't got the heart to tell them the truth, so I keep saying "it's until the end of the year, my dear".
8. Have created another FB account for my kids.
9. Have taken so many pictures of the kids, before it's too late.
10. Have constantly expressed 'I love you' to my kids these days.
11. Have been asked by a few teachers to teach them English! Okay, that's scary.
12. Been an avid storyteller to my kids, just to get them inspired.
13. Have helped to inscribe the vision for English department and named two English programmes for next year (the names are still in consideration)
14. Have adopted Erin Gruwell's method, whereby I will stand outside the door every Friday once the class ends, waiting for my kids to walk out from the class and wishing them a great weekend.

I know there are more, but can't quite retrieve them from memory at the moment. I'll surely update more. How have you been doing, my fellow practicum teachers? Do you love your kids just as much? :) I know this could sound tacky (and I would be despised for saying this), but I have loved my kids, and I just can't help it but to wish the practicum to be prolonged.

Perhaps I'm trying to buy time. Something that's just beyond me.

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