Open Letter


Dear Mr. Jim Slater,
here is a wisdom for you.

"Don't bother to write if you have nothing sensible to talk about".

Ponder upon that. Seek help if you deem necessary.

You people can never suck up the fact that two black women (not to mention, sisters) have been dominating "an ideally white sport" for the past decade. You've been wishing that your emaciated, bulimic corpse-pale European girls could hit the green ball half as good as they can, but of course, they can't. Their arms are too skinny to even lift the racket. Their legs are straw-thick they can barely move around the court without breaking their bones (if they have any). They keep looking at their coach when they are playing (and on the verge of losing, most of the time!) when the sisters have never needed anyone to come to the rescue when things don't go their way. They figure it out themselves. And you know by heart that they always prevail.

You can never deal with the fact that they choose the tournaments they like, and they keep winning the Majors, when all your European kiddos can do is forging a smile next to them holding up the plate-like silverware, standing as the second best most of the time. That's of course when they are lucky enough (which doesn't happen too regularly).

You can never get over your insecurity that they keep winning, and keep intimidating and scaring your European jokers off who were not even born to play the sport. The sisters came out of nowhere, from the most brutal neighborhood in the United States, surviving racism and bullets growing up, yet here they are: both topping the list as the richest female athletes EVER. They both have obtained degrees, they are fabulous and beautiful, both owning their own clothing lines, their business blooming and soaring high, they are enjoying life - tennis isn't all in their lives. Yet when they enter the court, you know that you European girls are only competing for the runner-up silverware. That's downright pathetic considering the fact that tennis is all they do in their lives. Day in and day out. Even so, they keep losing, and yeah - to the sisters.

Do yourself a favor, honey. Deal with it and suck it up.

Yours Truly,

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