Eid Bedlam

What a difference a week can make.

Last Friday (not Friday two days ago, but last week's Friday), I received a phone call from my mum pestering me to decide the dates I intended to return home for Eid so that it would be easy for her to buy me flight tickets. Alas, I told her that my school had not put final note on that one yet, and since the school doesn't belong to my dad, I could not simply map out my own holidays.

The truth was, I knew that my school would be having the Eid break from Sept 3 - Sept 19, yet when I took a peep at the flight tickets the day before, I wasn't taken aback. I knew it would be within that range.

RM635.00 - Back and forth.

So I decided to just lie to my mum, pretending that the school hadn't been definite about it yet. I purposely wanted to delay it so that when I finally informed her, the price would have been unaffordable, and I could just stay back here for the first time in my life. Not that I want to be here during Eid. Nobody in their right mind does. But RM600++ is a lot of cash, and I can't be selfish. Not when you have other siblings to consider.

But God is great.

Last Sunday (not today's Sunday, but last week's Sunday), I browsed through Air Asia's website, checking out just how much higher the price could go. To my choke-to-death surprise, the price plummeted! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what it read:

RM375.00 - Back and forth.

I called my mum straight away, but it was my dad who picked up the phone. I told him that the school had just informed me about the final dates (which, come to think of it now, was a foolish and frigging obvious lie since it was Sunday and no frigging schools in Selangor were that determined to be open). Naturally, my dad was all elated (not as much as I was, I suppose) and the next day the purchase was confirmed!

I was hugely relieved and up to the blue moon! I'll be home for Eid this year! Whoopdeedoo! Whoopdeedoo! Whoopdeedoo!

Little did I know that I was just 24 hours quicker before the price went all psycho.

The next day, again, out of boredom, I browsed through the price page and dear great God! The price almost tripled the original amount, reaching up to -

RM 1091.00!

And now, as I am updating this blog of mine, the price has gone totally nuts, reaching an all-time high as long as my living memory can recall, worth -

RM 1327.00.

One of the downfalls of being a Sabahan, if you ask me.

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