Happy Ending

So I've been told that it is a grave, serious crime for a blogger to not updating. Therein, here I am, fulfilling the unspoken obligation. Whatever.

It's been an emotional week, really. Though it's kind of late for me to babble about results that were out absolutely yonks ago, I can't help it but to feel inclined to share the joy with you loads, now that I've got the mood to scrabble something here.

I suppose everyone was waiting for the arrival of 10 June, 2010 with a lot of things in mind. All the what-ifs. All the wild, nasty anticipation. All the constant nightmares.

I myself, was no exception to all these.

I remember one time I woke up in the morning with beads of sweat on my forehead. I was out of breath. Gasping for more air. I sat straight, trying to recall what was it that I dreamed about.

I flunked Second Language Acquisition (SLA).

"That's it. That's it. I didn't make it", I muttered. It took a few minutes for me to get it round my head that it was only a silly, insignificant nightmare. I had evidently been thinking way too far about it. But I believe I wasn't the only one having so many stupid thoughts in mind while waiting for 10 June to arrive.

And when it finally arrived, you can imagine how upset many of us were when we were let down by the forever imbecilic server of student portal. We had wanted the constant torture of waiting and anticipating to come to an absolute end, and the prolongation of it was the last thing in the world we would wish to happen.

But it happened, anyway. None of us could check the results due to the worst server failure in my living memory as a student.

Only when I was about to doze off that night, having already refreshed all the buttons in the world and still couldn't get through, I got a text from a chum of mine, who told me that she finally got through, via mini transcript.

My heart started to race so fast. Butterflies were all over my stomach yet I was determined to put a definite stop to all of these what-ifs. So I logged in, and refreshed the mini transcript page until I finally saw what I had been wanting to see all along.

I made it.

I made it to the practical semester, and most importantly, I made it in a manner I always knew I could, if I put enough effort and belief to it. It was another Dean's List for me and it was, as far as I could recall, the second best result I have ever attained thus far. The funny (or rather, spooky) side of it is that, I seemed to have been warned through the nightmare that SLA would be the stain in my results.

It was the very subject that eluded me from obtaining straight As.

Alas, what made me truly gleeful was the fact that I tackled some of the toughest lecturers in semester 6, and I survived the challenge. That's the true merriment for me.

So now, the toughest semester of all is ahead of me. It's time to put everything that I have studied for the past four years (including foundation year, just in case you do the math and find it mathematically fishy!) into practice.

I'm not gonna kid myself. Indeed, I am intimidated and all chickened out, yet it's time to face the real deal.

"Students! Turn your head around. Sir Aziz is now here!" :)

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