A short video based on the short story written by Shahnon Ahmad. This was a prerequisite 10% assessment for Asian Literature. We (Yuslina, Amirah and I) had a real good time filming this!

Things you need to know (I guess) about the video:

1. The filming took less than two hours (with looooooooong intervals in between). It could have been completed much earlier had the camera shown enough signs of cooperation.

2. Most of the props used in the video (as well as some effects like thunder, lightning) were not provided by us. They kindly presented themselves. I think Luck Gods were there, at the filming site, sprinkling good things above our head.

3. The most grueling part of the video was, of course, the editing. It took us like two different places; Pak Li sec 18 and its neighbouring eatery, McD sec 18, to get the editing completed. We spent quite amount of money in Pak Li, we couldn't be bothered to spare a single cent in McD. Hahaha. (Yup, we just sneaked into and tip-toed to the second floor!).

So here is the end result!

Hope you will find it as much entertaining as we do!

p/s: If you wish to listen clearer, make sure you have earphones attached to either side of your ears :) And if you claim yourself to be smart, try to figure out the location!

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