I Hereby Confess

That I am old school.

Last night I had a chat with a friend. A chat that was originally meant to intellectually discuss case study for Classroom Management. Alas, you folks know how easily distracted I am as a person. The so called discussion lasted scarcely a few minutes, and it was preceded by hours-long futile natter. That is a classic sign that your brain can't go on any further and the only way out is to make your way to bed. But since we had not started a single thing on the case study, sleeping wasn't an option. So to evade from falling asleep, I suggested a song for her to listen to keep her awake. It was this one song by England Dan and John Ford Coley, 'If You Tell Me You Love Me'.

Upon hearing this (well, not exactly hearing, since we were YM-ing, but the concept is similar) she decently asked me if I was trying to sabotage her by asking her to listen to such a song. I asked 'Why'? because the song was (and still is) perfect to keep me awake all night long.

Okay, the song is way too slow. I admit it.

So it wasn't exactly the perfect song to suggest to a friend on a gloomy night. But I personally like it (note the adverb of manner there). So she told me that I shouldn't be listening to such a song because it wasn't exactly our era (the song was produced in 1980. Okay, don't give me that look) and the song was way too mushy and that I should just keep up with all the latest songs and be a little bit modern.

Modern. That was the word I was waiting for.

So I asked her what did she mean by the word 'Modern'. Because the way I see it, the word 'Modernization' does not define anything to me. It's just an ugly term people coined to disguise the good old things that we have lost and forgotten. And they think they can just replace it with the hogwash loads they are producing now by putting the label 'Modernization' on it.

Believe me, folks. I don't buy that term.

If there is something I am proud about myself, it would be the fact that I don't play the games by people's rules. Indeed, I am a teenager like many of you. Alas, I don't listen to songs with 'asses, boobs, sex, sexy, unzip, undress, unbutton, satisfied' as parts of their lyrics, just because other teenagers out there do. I don't write statuses on my Facebook and Twitter with cute little words like 'kewl, hawt, lyke, ryte, nyte' and you know the rest, just because other teenagers out there do. That is downright retarded to me. I don't worship Lady Gaga and The Comrades every 5 seconds as if my life would come crashing down if I missed out on what they did on daily basis.

I wouldn't do all these craps, just because other teenagers do out there.

So, yes, I would rather be listening to old school songs because I think they are just cool. Eric Clapton, Lionel Ritchie, Tommy Page, Micheal Bolton, Diana Ross, Joni Mitchell etc. These people really sing. These people compose songs. These people teach you genuine emotions and put them beautifully in their lyrics. Happiness. Sadness. Pure love. Hope. They teach you genuine emotions that make you human being. Not a troubled psychotic, gloomy, sex maniac. I miss the olden days when people spoke and wrote with proper language. Queen English is beautiful to me, as compared to this latest 'kewl' language. I have always voiced out my abhorrence when people write this way. For me, it's either one: use it well or don't use it at all.

You see, these are choices in life. As for me, I hold dear to the things I believe in. I take what is good in my humble opinion, and I leave the rest untouched. It is not easy to keep your head cool when people around you keep telling you what is right and what is wrong, as if they could draw a fine line between the two. You're not modern, speaking with proper grammar like my granny, oblivious to Rihanna's latest hits, You're wearing horrid, cheap clothes around your body, last season shoes on your feet, having plastic bag as your handbag etc. These are the things 'Modernization' has taught you.

But what 'Modernization' does not tell you is that, you don't have to lay naked on the floor while wearing Prada to feel loved. U dn't hv 2 use diz kine ov lguage 2 make ppl tink tht u're kewl. People are going to remember you for all the emotions that you have made them feel. You have been there when they needed you the most, and they feel they matter to you. You have listened to their moans and whines, and they feel that you care. You have told them to get up and keep trying and they feel braced and loved. They feel another chance. They feel alive. They feel you.

These are unseen, yet deeply felt legacies.

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