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Many of you might not know that I have one seriously-heavy folder in my ancient laptop specially dedicated to these two. This is one of the many pictures I have in my possession, and I am more than willing to delete my assignments rather than any of their pictures should my laptop become slower. This picture was taken back during their early days in tennis (notice those colorful beads on their heads?) and from the background it is apparent that it was one rainy day at Wimbledon.

I love this picture so much! Look just how close they are! Ironically, this is also one hell of a picture I despise the most for it shows just how much they both have grown up, and much sooner than later, they will have to hang the racket up and bid adieu to the tennis world.

Today I read one article dedicated to Venus and I am utterly unhappy. Not that the writer scribbled something implausible about her, but he was talking about how long has it been since Venus first picked up her tennis racket and bludgeoned her way into becoming one of the most noticeable and powerful figures in the world; and how retirement is now on sight.

I just don't want her to retire. Why does she have to age? She will turn 30 this coming July. But who in the hell cares? 30 is the perfect age for tennis players! Venus is still winning titles. She is still moving super swift on court and no younger players can even come close to her thundering serve! She is still young, isn't she?

Oh, who am I kidding? Okay, she's aging and I was lying about 30 as the perfect age for tennis players. It isn't. Even a mentally challenged dope can tell you that. Oh, does anyone of you know things that you can eat to stop people from getting old? She is the reason I am still keenly following tennis (apart from Serena) and I am just too afraid that when everything is said and done, I might also put a halt to this beautiful obsession.

I so don't want that to happen :(

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