On My Playlist #3

Okay, I'm corny and old-school.
So what? Got problems with that, mike? :)

I've told this over and over again that I am a devoted listener of oldies. There are so many reasons why. One of them is the melodies are heavenly, it's always piercing right to the heart. Secondly would be the fact that the lyrics are always beautiful and highly aesthetic. There are always lines in oldies songs that you can quote, for they offer endless wisdom and beautifully deep meaning.

Simply put, oldies rules! :)

I was searching for the original version of this particular song when I stumbled upon this latest collaborative rendition, together with Westlife. I normally love songs with original singers, but this one definitely worth seeing. I can assure you that.

For all devoted readers of Brown Bear in the Blue Basket, here is one of the greatest love songs ever by the most celebrated diva of all time, Diana Ross. Cheers!

OMG! I've just realized that embedding this video is disabled by request. Damnation! It's okay. I'm not gonna give up! Click HERE.

Cheers again! :)

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