Of Tempe and Glory

During the two-minute break of my Methodology of Teaching Grammar class today, I legged down to the cafe to get a mineral water, and I saw this one full plate of scrumptious-looking tempe! Oh, it was a tempting sight like no other! So, I went back into the class and told Yuslina of what I had just discovered; and I vowed to myself to at least get one piece for my lunch!

So after the class, I hurried down the stairs and sprinted off to the cafe; and standing menacingly in front of the now only a plate of three pieces of tempe were two hungry-looking girls. It suddenly hit me what was at stake! Fangs bared, The first girl devoured viciously two pieces of tempe and laughed evilly, left the final tempe on the cold plate.

At this moment, the second devilish-looking girl was all set to assault. Little that she knew, another blood-sucking scoundrel (that was me) was eyeing the similar prey.

And the battle began.

I took the cookie picking apparatus nearest to me, grabbed the last one tempe and put it on my plate! Whoopdeedoo! Humiliatingly walloped, she threw tantrum, asking the poor aunt for more tempe, but everybody knew it was the end of the battle. Unsatisfied still, she turned to the first girl and blamed her for taking two tempes instead of just being satisfied with one - and she begged for the first girl to relinquish one tempe and hand it over to her.

It was a losing battle, really. She refused to and walked away.

Oh, that winning feeling!

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