It's Official

That I've dropped the name 'Brown Bear in the blue Basket'.

It wasn't easy for me at first, because initially everyone knew my blog with that name. I liked that name so much - and I still do. A friend of mine even told me that she preferred the previous layout better, with the picture of a brown bear in the blue basket (duh, isn't that obvious? Silly me!), and another friend of mine also said that she loved my previous layout because it was so simple and cool. Unlike so many other blogs out there who are cramped with so many gaudy colors and things attached, not to mention on both sides of the sidebars (according to her).

But I need to grow up :)

So I spent the entire morning yesterday to edit here and there, I did some basic calculation (my first time, mind you, after the last time I did any proper calculation was back in school), plus there, minus here, multiply this and divide that - so here is the result.

I hope you guys like it - because I really do! (",)

I really, really adore this new layout - it's plain, super immaculate, fresh and refreshing, easy on your eyes (and mine too!) it tells a great deal about my current level of maturity (Erk? Not really sure about that! haha) and just cool!

And I've given it a new name , too! Just in case you haven't noticed, the blog is now known as:

"Feather Quill and an Inkwell".

But for those of you who have been following this blog since it was born, who have miraculously survived through all my profanity, dull punchlines, craps and nonsense and what not, this is always 'Brown Bear in the Blue Basket' for you.

That will never change.

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Ims said...

Love ur blog. Brillant,sincere,hillarious. Keep em coming.

Aziz said...

omg! didn't know you read my blog!
Hahaha. Thanks, Im! (",)