My Final Post

I know, I know - so please give me a break. I know that I've probably bored all of you to death with my recent posts. Tennis, tennis, tennis. It's all about tennis. Some of you might even secretly wish to say this to my face : 'get a frigging life, for heaven's sake!' - too bad, this is my life :) I know every other guy out there is madly maniac about football (or if you feel you're an American born in Malaysia, it's called 'Soccer'.) But hey, that's what I love about myself. I find one sport I love the most, and it happens to be this one not many people give a damn - but I love it. In fact, I have always loved it.

Even to say that tennis is a sport not many people give a damn is a total understatement. It's one of the major sports in the world, rich with its own history, traditions and distinctive features. But the idea I love the most about tennis is the fact that there is only you and your opponent on the court (with exception to the doubles) - and no one else. If you win, then you know you earn it with your own sweat and tears per se. If you lose, then you have no one else to blame, but to yourself. I love this beautiful concept about tennis. It's a warrior's sport. It's a fighter's sport. It's a winner's sport. It takes tenacity, determination, strong mental fortitude and pure talent to win a match - and multiply these qualities by 1000 - for you to win a Slam, all by yourself.

It'd be endless once I have spoken about tennis - plus Australian Open started last Monday and it will continue for the coming fortnight. I am so very excited.

So, just bear with me, people :)

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Z.M said...

haha..aziz..masih lagi addict dengan Tenis..sampai ada blog khas untuk tenis..kagum aku..huhu..

Farzen Master said...

I still remember the days when we were roomies and how you would shout and cheer while playing a tennis game on your laptop. XD

Glad that ur passion is far from being dead. hahaha

Aziz said...

Zila: you make me sound like a drug addict! lol! Hahaha. Hey, it's good to see back here!

Syeikh: you still remember that?! And where on this small earth shsll I put my face now that you have announced that in my blog? Haha. It's cool to know that people still remember something about you, even it happens to be the eccentric ones :)