By the Lake


We poured our moans and sighs, let them flow like the water before us. It was an oddity, two girls and a lad. We sat by the lake, on the edge of the concrete, our legs swung front and back, not really touching the water beneath us. We giggled, and we could almost hear them echoing back, and later disappeared into the thin air. We opened up a snack and munched it away. Sometimes, we talked while our mouth full of it. Suddenly, in the midst of it all, silence fell upon us. The water turned stagnant. The trees stopped swaying. And the moon above shining through us, as if it was a giant spotlight, and as if there were only the three of us in this world. The air smelled stiff - and when the laughter had completely gone - we remained silent, evidently evading each other's gaze. One by one, we revealed our most guarded secrets. While one letting go, the other two listened, facing the big lake before us. Sometimes, we gave a little nod, and whenever helpful, offered comforting words. It felt good. There were no secrets, only transparency. And the most wonderful thing was - they didn't run away. Nor did I. They didn't distance themselves. Nor did I. They stayed. So did I. Knowing each other's flaw didn't make us shudder in disgust. It made us smile in an acknowledging way, realizing that we were all the same - naked and flawed.

And the wind started to gush again. The trees above swayed with the whistling wind. We threw crumbs of snacks into the deep lake, and a few turtles surfaced, pecking them in an instant - and swam away. The sight of it made us giggle frantically, once again forgetting the sadness and ugly secrets.

It was on this one night, only the three of us. Two girls and one lad immersed in their own world. We sat by the lake, feet swung front and back above the water. The moon was beaming above, accompanied by an almost starless sky. We knew it wouldn't last. It wasn't anything fancy. It wasn't anything much.

But this much was enough to make us feel benevolent again; together in this wonderful, wonderful moment.

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nenanay said...

i love the way you wrote this.
it's nice to know there are people like this.

Aziz said...

Oh my, I take it as a compliment =)