Screw You!

Oh, my head.
My poor, poor head.
My even poorer brain cells.

God, if You're listening, then I'm begging You, do have mercy on me. On my brain. Oh, my eyes too! And please, please, please bestow upon these retarded beings Your most powerful mercy You've got!

Oh now don't you people dare mad at me for calling them retarded, for they really are! And I warn you I am going to use a few more vulgar words in this particular post. I pity them, really. But I pity myself even more. I have to endure this suffering of beholding such humiliation to human fundamental aptitude every single day. And these people are no peasants. They are well-schooled. But why, oh why, I have always wondered this one thing:

Why can't they spell words properly?

I just don't get it what makes 'tenkiu' any better than 'Thank You'? Or what makes you think 'lyke'' is something cooler than 'like'? Even a new-born baby can see quite clearly that you're not reducing the number of alphabets in that particular word! So saving time/energy/word is not an excuse! Why replacing them without intelligent reason? How about 'tym'? Where on this literate-inhibited earth does that come from? Have you got Parkinson by any lucky chance? (I'm crossing my fingers!) Why is it so difficult to spell it as 'Time'? And this 'agen' word! It's spelled as A.G.A.I.N, idiot! It's a frigging simple word, really.

Oh my God. I'm losing my temper, really.
Damn you retarded people! Screw you lot!
You people are bastardizing your language!
And you've got the cheek to ask me what you are? A bastard!
End of discussion.

And by God, it hurts the most when you are TESL students.
I am just too devastated beyond words.

God, lend me some air.
It's hard to breathe now.
This is killing me.

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fitriah said...

haha i've seen a lot of those words on facebook. it is just so fucking annoying. and yes, it comes from tesl students itself. what a shame.

Aziz said...

Thank God!
Such a huge relief to know that someone else out there shares my pain, fitriah!
Screw these people!
Bloody annoying, they are!
I'm praying hard so that they will never be able to spell correctly for life! huhuhu...

syafrein said...

Ya Aziz, many feel that changing the spelling is cool and trendy

Aziz said...

It isn't cool, Andy.
And there's nothing trendy about it.
Personally, I think it's simply an imbecilic act =)