Between More and Less

Yesterday, I craved for a new laptop,
For the one I'm using now is ugly and not as high-tech.

Yesterday, I craved for a new phone,
For the one I'm using now is not so cool like my friends'.

Yesterday, I craved for a new shirts, new pants, new shoes,
For the ones I'm having now are out of fashion.

But today,
I saw a little girl at the market.
Bare-feet. Burnt skin. Rugged clothes.

She was selling plastic bags for a twenty-cent each.
To people who were passing by.
In a bustle of cash bargain, her presence attracted no one.

Later today,
After I performed my Asar prayer,
I prayed to God,
Not for a new laptop. Not for a new phone.
Not for new shirts, pants or shoes.

I prayed to God,
to bless upon the little girl a happiness,
a happiness she deserves.
Just like any little girls at her age out there do.

And for the first time,
I wept, as I put my palms together and prayed to God
For someone's goodness; someone I barely knew.
But who had taught me one good lesson.

That the key to feel enough and be thankful is,
Whenever you crave for more, look at those who have less.
And you will find yourself muttering "Alhamdulillah",
And you truly mean it, with a very, very humble heart.

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