Non-Pettigrew Poem

Last Wednesday, I had a test for Creative Writing class with Mr. Mahadi and last time I checked his last name wasn't pettigrew or something sounded like that.

The test required us to come up with a card and write one poem. There were three occasions given and I chose to write a poem to a friend for his/her wedding day. Even though we were given two hours to complete that, Alas, I suppose my poem was pretty much fucked up. As far as I can recall now, my poem sounded something like this:

I have a best friend.
My best friend is a girl.
Her name is Mary.
I am standing as his best man today.

I suppose everyone knows,
That neither of those titles belong to me anymore,
For she has found Brian,
And he is her world now.

But what doesn't belong to him,
Is Mary the with the snotty-nose and swollen eyes,
That I was ordered to sit next to,
When I first arrived in school.

She kicked at my shin under the table,
Reported to Miss Emily that I was copying her work.
Mary that chased me down the street,
With a banana for a gun.
And Mary that came crying on my shoulder,
When Nate left her for another girl in high school.

But today,
In her beautiful wedding dress,
Sparkles in her blue eyes,
And spring in her steps,
I shall give her away,
To a man that now owns her but not our memories.

Yup! This is pretty much how my poem sounded like during the test. God. Even kindergarten child could come up with something far better. There goes my 30%.

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gNoLa miDen said...

i like ur poem...huhu...kool~!!!

Aziz said...


I thought it's lacking of vocabs.

Thanks, anyway =)