Endless Rainbow


I have been literally dragging this book here and there lately, even to my classes. For those who have not known, it must be a sight to shudder at, for this novel was published back in 2004. And what the heck am I doing reading it now? People would probably have done reading The Gift, her 7th novel by now and I am still stuck with the 2nd book? Gee.

Well, the truth is, I am reading this book for the fourth time. I wish I could have the similar amount of perseverance to digest Educational Psychology by John W. Santrock or Education Dualism in Malaysia by Rosnani Hashim. Though that would be severely unthinkable.

Call me a freak for sticking my eyes out for chick lit, but Where Rainbows End imparts more than unlikely love story. This is by far, the most readable book on earth (Again, literally). Maybe it's true what Mr Kieran told us the other day, that you can't teach people a good book, they've got to experience it.

So, to spare you from being revolted with my excessive level of old-schoolness , should you catch me with my nose sniffing every page of this book, just put this thought on your mind: that I'm reading Education Dualism in Malaysia. Then KPM would probably be just too happy adding a thousand or two for my scholarship.

Fingers crossed. Literally.

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Azie Nazri said...

I'm with ya here! :D

Aziz said...

It's very easy to read,kan azie?
I love this more compared to PS, I Love You =)