To Love or To be Loved



Everyone has feelings. Among thousand of feelings, there is this one; so special, so extraordinary.

That is what I dub as LOVE. It is a plain word; a single alphabet consists of four letters. Yet, it has conveyed more than its simplicity into life.

As a child myself, I was like many of you. I had grown up with wonderful fairy tales, poisoning my young naive mind about how things in this world were all in our reach, including love.

How far-fetched life had been for Cinderella, to have her dream young handsome Prince at the end of her miserable verve, and what an astounding ending that fate had in store for Snow White, to finally been saved by an ardent kiss of her charming placid Love.

These entire sweet engaging fairy tales had made me live in wistful dreams and hopes of having a wonderful life ahead of me. Not to be saved neither by a kiss nor by a glass shoe, but to find someone I love and the person loves me, too.

As I grow older, I comprehend that these fairy tales are not more than just a bedtime anecdote to make you fall asleep and reverie the good things in life, or rather to evade nightmares.

The real thing is that, not all that we hope are attainable, more than ever love. Some people are lucky to have their dream loves, but most ain’t. I am not talking as a man, but I’m here as an ordinary human being. Too often we whisper to ourselves “if she was mine”, “if he was mine”. Unfortunately, he is not yours and she is not yours.

Nevertheless, does your love comprehensively die just because she is not yours and he is not yours? Or even when you were rejected after you had tried you best to get your dream love, is the disapproval assassinating you off? Does love have to be reciprocal and mutual?

Dearest, you don’t have to answer me, enough to be honest yourself. You love her and you love him, but the rejection kills you off. You find another ‘he’ and you seek another ‘she’, and there you are. You lie to yourself, you deny you own feelings. Deep down inside your heart, she is still the one you have loved fervently for years, and he is still the man you have wanted to be with for the rest of your life; it is just they don’t share the same feeling as you, they don’t love you back.

This is what I call “to love”. It is okay when they don’t love you back, but it has never been a crime to love them forever. Love is yours, it is your possession and you fully deserve it. It gives you such inexpressible contentment to see your dream girls and guys live gleefully with someone they love, mostly because you know the person you love is happy. Isn’t that enough?

Falling for the one you love makes you know how it feels to shed tears because of love, how painful it feels because of love, how wonderful it feels because of love and most above all, it makes you know what love is, even though it is not a shared one.

You see, love does not have to be mutual. This is something miracle about love. It is subjective. No one can say what is right and wrong when it comes to love. It is their right to not love you, and it is your right to love them. I remember a word or two about love.

"When you love someone, it is something,

When someone loves you, it is another thing,

When you love the person who loves you back, it is everything".

No doubt, loving the person who loves you back is everything, but then again, fairy tales do not promise that. And when someone you love does not love you back, keep in mind that to love has been the best feeling, it is always the best feeling, and will always be.

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